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Earn rebates with TENA@Home™

TENA@Home™ Program. 

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A Resident Centered & Discreet Approach to Incontinence Management

TENA@Home™ offers your facility the ability to meet the needs of your residents incontinence care by providing a comprehensive program that includes; product samples, product consultation support, and a delivery model that meets the specific and unique needs of you and your residents.

Resident Wellbeing

  • Manage resident incontinence with comfort, dignity and discretion
  • Offer incontinence education support to understand the condition and treatment
  • Provide discrete product consultation to identify the correct product choices
  • Easy access to product samples and literature
  • Works with established care routines
  • Increases and supports residents’ quality of life
  • Increases caregiver job satisfaction
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Facility Benefits

  • Educational sessions on Incontinence geared to the caregivers and staff
  • Potential additional facility revenue
  • Enhanced facility service as a value added offering to their clients
  • Platform to introduce other offerings at the client level

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Earn rebates with TENA@Home™

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