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No More Uncomfortable Pads For Me! 

Review by JJC
"I can't begin to tell you how these panties have changed my life. The comfort is that of a cotton panty but with protection. Don't have to throw away a Depends anymore, just wear and launder now. These are the best thing that could have ever happened to me to make living with my incontinence problem so much easier. That you Wearever for an awesome product"
Best Naturally Comfortable Solution!
Review by Paula's Caregiving for Mom
"Cotton, comfortable, affordable! We started with a small order and increased the quantity and panty size then never stopped appreciating the value this has added to Mom's quality of life. On the sizing for elderly remember, its not just about what we would like in our personal fit, but infirmity makes pulling up a youthfully snug pair just impossible (as does dressing after a bath or when humid); a little extra space - as long as it doesn't gap in the coverage area - can help Mom maintain bathroom independence! Now with the new thicker absorbency choice we're going to add those to the nighttime routine and use these Panties as our exclusive day-time hidden coverage. They look and feel basically like her old "tighty whities" - and she loves NOT getting into the disposables. I love the protection it adds for her clothing, car seats and furniture! Thank you for this great product and your excellent responsive customer care folks!"
Hear Donna's Story
Great style, absorbent and resuable
Reviewed by Boxer Brief user
"Glad to find a boxer made for incontinence. I did not like wearing Jockey style underwear. The boxer brief feels the same as my other underwear."
Great Product
Review by Kimmi
"Finally a product that is not a diaper! A product geared up for the younger folks. My daughter is 15 & is active with sports at school and always has has a problem with bladder leakage specially at night or playing sports. I had her wearing a Tena twist pad for the past few years during the day & at night she does wear a Depend brief. Now with your panties she can change in the locker room and no one knows that she has the issues. In fact it is now not an issue. She was always worried at school wearing a bulky pad and of course the boy thing. What if they saw a bulky pay through her clothes. This is a great item for young girls hands down"
Great Fit!
Review by Barb42
"When I read some of the other reviews, I thought I might need to order bigger than my size. I wasn't sure so I called Customer Service. I'm glad I did. They advised me to measure my hips since sizes can vary according to brand (I wear a Medium in JC Penny brand but a Small in Target). Since my hips measured 40 inches, I went with a Medium. They fit perfectly. Glad I didn't just go by the other reviews. I probably would've ordered a size that was too big"
Review by ElizabethRE
"I've been buying these for my mother for years. They are made of a very high standard cotton, wear extremely well, and wash well too. I can't praise them enough. They make life so much easier than trying to fit pads and refit pads after every toilet. And mum doesn't feel like she has a pillow in her undies. They are so comfortable and no one can tell she is wearing padded garments. Highly recommended"
Good Quality
Review by CR
"Glad to have found underwear that fit my mother's needs and can take repeated laundering. Sizes run small however. My mother normally wears 2X. We tried several sizes and ended up with a 6X for her"
Very comfortable
Review by DP
"I was glad to finally find the Wearever brand again and ordered several pairs, much better than any other brand I have tried in the past until I found these"
Very Helpful to find larger sizes
Review by BonnieJRey
"I have been looking for incontinence panties in bigger sizes for a while. Very happy Wearever made these in 4XL-10XL. Also like the cotton feel of them"
Saving my dignity!
Review by actress
"These are such an improvement over incontinence pads, which bunch up and create discomfort. I'm so glad I found this product that even my urologist had never heard of. I do wish you made a garment with a somewhat thick pad but not as bulky as your extra protection panties, which show under clothes"

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