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Wearever Leak Control Underwear

Washable & Reusable urinary incontinence underwear is more affordable than disposable products. Ideal for light to moderate incontinence and helping you to feel confident when shopping, dancing, hiking, golfing, Skying, doing the things you like to do. 
Breathable cotton poly jursy construction with antimicrobil fibers does not allow bacteria to grow, resulting in non-smelling urine and prevent urinary tract infections, infections and skin problems.  Wearever offer Absolute Absorbance and Hygiene and eliminates 100% unpleasant odor.


  • More affordable than disposable products
  • Wash and reuse each pair up to 200 washes
  • 1 pair replaces 200 disposables and annual savings of over $700. 
  • (compared with disposables, based on the use of 3 disposables per day)


 **Light/Regular absorbency:up to 150mL  *** Moderate:up to 300mL  ****** Maximum:up to 590 mL